SoulCollage® Discover your wisdom. Change your world.

SoulCollage® is a creative and profoundly insightful collage process for self-discovery, acceptance, empowerment and transformation founded by Seena B. Frost, M.A., M.Div. Through SoulCollage® you will embrace and follow your own intuition developing self-trust and an inner sense of freedom. You will work directly with found images that are meaningful to you to, over-time, create your own deck of 5″x8″collaged cards. Your SoulCollage® cards represent the many facets of yourself and your inner/outer guides and challengers that help you to grow and reveal who you truly are. Creating cards helps you to access your own wisdom and point you toward your true self and highest potential. Anyone 18 yrs. or older can explore SoulCollage® with registered facilitator Rachel Nick. All materials are provided (though you may be asked to bring a scissors). You do not need prior experience, only a spark of interest and sincere desire to embrace the mystery and magic of this playful work.

Rachel Nick (pictured) had the honor of being trained in the process of SoulCollage® by Mariaburna Sirabella and became a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator in 2020. In her own words, Rachel describes SoulCollage® as “The story of your life, of who you are. It’s a guiding light. The secrets of your soul unbridled, sacred and protected. A detailed map of your becoming.” Below is a glimpse of what you will have the opportunity to learn and practice in a SoulCollage® session, workshop or retreat. Private single and group sessions are available, please inquire by calling us at 920-254-8150.

SoulCollage® Principles & Guidelines:

  • You do not need to be an artist to do SoulCollage®.
  • Non-judgement of self and others, we do not comment on other people’s work as this interrupts the process of self-discovery, understanding and transformation.
  • SoulCollage® meets you wherever you are in life and happens in the present moment, yet can heal your past and transform your future.
  • Your cards are for your personal use and our SoulCollage® work remains confidential between those present.
  • The SoulCollage® structure of four suits plus transpersonal cards that add wholeness to your deck.
  • “I Am One Who”… a process to speak from the unique voice of each card and discover the energy, message and wisdom it carries.
  • Understanding that each card represents a part of yourself – it’s gifts and possible hindrances – and how to restore balance to you inner and outer life.
  • Understanding of the “One and the Many” SoulCollage® and spiritual philosophy.
  • Learn to consult and embody your own cards by doing SoulCollage® readings for personal guidance and other exercises. There may be no better place to receive support, clarity and confidence than your cards.
  • SoulCollage® is a process, a deeply revealing and healing one, that can be a worthy life-long journey full of personal and spiritual meaning and surprising delights.
Discover your wisdom. Change your world.
SoulCollage® Circle
(pre-requiste, Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop with Rachel Nick)
Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop. $35.00
Themed SoulCollage® Workshop$35.00
Private 2 hour Session
(please inquire about group rates)
Private 2 hour Group Rateplease inquire

More About Rachel Nick

Rachel Nick has been practicing yoga since 2009 and graduated from the 200 hour YogaLoft Teacher Training Program in 2012. In 2018 she completed an evidence-based Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training program through the CMA accredited School of Positive Transformation and is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. She is currently a candidate to become a certified Y12SR leader and is passionate about the mind-body relationship, healing, and self-study through yoga, the 12-Steps, SoulCollage® and being in nature. 

Rachel began practicing yoga to gain strength, confidence, and flexibility, but soon discovered that yoga is far more than a physical practice. Yoga became a way of life and a path for self-development in mind, body, and spirit. She says, “Yoga and SoulCollage® help me connect with and stay true to myself while honoring and serving my relationships, community and world I’m part of. Through these practices, I intend to share my love and deep respect for this self-study, acceptance and transformation.” 

Rachel continues to be an avid student of yoga, somatic movement, meditation, nature, business and psychology and most recently attended a four-day silent meditation retreat led by James Baraz.