RESERVE THE STUDIO FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE! Reserve the studio for your own personal use to practice privately within the gentle yet powerful space of YogaLoft. There is no instructor present. Instead, you can turn to your own inner guidance to deepen your personal practice. This is a powerful way to connect with and honor your self while soaking up the healing, calming and awakening prana (energy) of YogaLoft. You will need to contact us for pre-approval. Upon pre-approval we will update your account so you can make future reservations online! Day and time options are not limited to what is visible on the class schedule. Please inquire and we will work with you to schedule your sessions.

Please contact us at 920-254-8150 to learn more and get pre-approve!

YogaLoft is offering in-studio classes with a maximum of 3-5 students per class, depending on style. Some of these classes are also being live streamed so you can continue to practice with us online. Pre-registration is required (please do not drop-in at the studio) and we ask that you follow these guidelines when attending in-studio classes:

  • Pre-registration required, sign up for classes through our website or use the mindbody app.
  • Face masks/coverings required, please come prepared wearing your own mask/covering and keep it securely over your nose and mouth at all times.
  • Please remove you shoes inside YogaLoft and leave them in the lobby.
  • Bring your own mat, props or a towel(s) with you to cover any studio props you may use during this session and water. If you do not bring your own props or a towel, you may not be allowed to participate or use studio props.
  • Practice social distancing at all times and set yourself up 6 feet away from others.
  • Use the restroom and wash your hands before arriving at the studio (to reduce public use of public space). Hand sanitizer available.
  • Please stay away from idle/unnecessary chatter – this is a great time to observe and practice silence.
  • Do not attend in-studio classes if you have symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 (or any cough, sneezing, seasonal allergies, fever, etc).
  • Because in-studio class size is reduced, when you register for class you are claiming one of the limited spots. In the event that you need to cancel your visit, refunds may not be given and sessions may not be posted back to your account.

*Instructors will be sanitizing common areas and the studio between classes, there will be no hands on adjustments at this time and windows will be kept open when weather allows.

LIVE STREAMING CLASSES AVAILABLE ONLINE! We are using zoom to bring classes to you online. Use your existing YogaLoft mindbody account (or create one) to sign up. You can use your current class pass or purchase any of our class pass options to take online classes with us (make sure you are opted in to receive our email notifications). If you already have an in-studio account with us and are now creating an online account, we will merge your accounts so your current class pass will sync up. This can take up to 24 hrs. After you sign up for class, a zoom link to join the class will be emailed directly to you. Check your account management to make sure we have your current and accurate email address on file and that you are opted in to receive email class/schedule notifications. If you do not receive the link within 15 minutes, please check your spam and if it’s not there contact us.

Purchase a Class Pass

Sign Up Now – YogaLoft instructors would greatly appreciate registering ahead of time so we can prepare for your arrival. Namaste

All classes are suggested for anyone ages 14 or older but are open to younger students who have the maturity and desire to stay focused for the allotted time. Please arrive 10 minutes early as classes begin on time. Yoga mats are required for all yoga classes and are available to rent for $2. Also, please bring a hand towel to class to mop up sweat and/or place over bolsters and blankets. Please check back often for class updates as we are continuously reviewing our schedule and making adjustments based on requests and demand. We look forward to seeing you in class. Namaste!

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