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Mission Statement

YogaLoft is committed to providing a variety of yoga instruction by certified yoga teachers,  assisting all levels of students in a transformative experience of the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Goal at YogaLoft

Ultimately, what we do in every yoga class is teach you how to relax, breathe deeply, stretch, strengthen, and focus the mind. In turn, you develop strength in the core, become relaxed in the joints and connective tissues, strengthen your immune system, improve digestion and circulation, increase mental clarity, and sleep better.

As you start to feel better, you naturally exercise more, eat better, drink and smoke less, think more positively, and live your life in the present moment. A steady yoga practice will create a cycle of healthy living.

What is Yoga?

purple_YL_logo_onlyYoga is a complete system of good health. It includes stretching, strengthening, relaxing, stilling, and concentrating on the body and the breath, creating union of the body, mind, and spirit. The practice of yoga also encourages connection of one’s individual spirit with the universal consciousness. Yoga literally means Union. In yoga, we perform postures (asanas) while paying attention to deepening the breath (pranayama). Postures can be done individually and held for a period of time (hatha yoga) or they can be linked together, one after the other, creating a meditation in motion (vinyasa).

Preparing for Your First Class

  1. Top Ten Reasons to Try Yoga
  2. Tips for a Safe and Healthy Practice